Our Company

Our Vision

Seaplane Adventures is a business that is long overdue and essential to the further growth of the Philippines.

The business paradigm also plays right into the hands of the government’s stimulus plans for the country namely the Investment Priority Plan (IPP) and the increase in skill as well as its desire to expand tourism and be environmentally friendly.

Seaplane Adventures not only provides an alternative air service by landing on the water at existing resorts and in doing so reduce travel time significantly, it likewise opens up completely new markets previously not accessible due to the infrastructure issues. 

This type of service opens up more start-up resort opportunities, like the boutique resort concept of opening small full-service resorts in remote and exotic locations accessible only by seaplanes.

These locations offer rich experiences with its untouched natural habitats. In an area that lacks transport infrastructure, the seaplane service opens up a new dimension of viable and sustainable resort operations allowing for a more rapid and diverse expansion of the Philippine Resort Tourism Industry.

Our vision is to provide efficient and sustainable amphibious air transport services to support the Philippine Tourism Industry, open new markets, and create an established niche presence in the amphibious aviation industry.

Our Goals

Boost Tourism

Establish an efficient, profitable, and sustainable amphibious air transport system that can boost resort tourism, expand economic growth of tourism and downstream industries by offering convenient direct air services to the doorstep of resorts.

Encourage and accelerate the creation/development of new resort communities in remote and exotic locations and spur labor generation and employment in the countryside which is important for the Government’s efforts to decongest the urban centers of job-seekers and temporary dwellers.

Countryside Development

Expand the role of amphibious air transportation to include ad hoc charter work, sightseeing tours, medevac, and community support. This air service can be a means to accelerate development in remote areas of the country.

Establish a balanced economic spread by allowing underdeveloped provinces to access air services that would allow investors to build eco-friendly resorts in new locations that offer a rich bio-diversity.

Promote Environment-Friendly Transportation

Minimize or eliminate the ecological impact by no longer having to build expensive roads, piers, or airports to provide access to these resorts. The seaplane service has zero environmental impact, no waste pollutants are discharged and the Government would save billions of pesos in public works while earning billions more in tourist revenues.